Stars That Glitter




Tube of choice:
I am using Follow Your Shining Star by Judy Mastrangelo
Her tubes are available at Artistic Dreams Imaging

My supplies HERE
Zip contains texture, flower image & my t.o.u.

Mask 7-64 by Brutal designs
Download HERE


Open supplies & tube in psp
New image 600 x 600
Fill white


Copy & paste Charlyne Glitters Wing as a new layer
Layers –> New Mask Layer –> From Image
Choose BD Mask Set 7-64 from the drop down menu
Layer palette –> Merge group
minimise to use later



Selection tool –> Rectangle –> Add (shift)
Feather 1 –> Anti-Alias ticked
Select all the squares on the mask




New raster layer
Open & copy Charlyne Glitters Wing
Paste into selection
Modify –> contract 10 –> delete


Selections –> Select all
Selections Float –> Selections defloat
Effects –> 3D effects –> Chisel
10 –> solid colour ticked
I used: #CA3D5D



Magic wand –> Mode –> Replace
Select inside a square
Selections –> Modify –>Expand 5
Highlight the mask layer
new raster layer (keep selected)
Open the flower image & select the mist layer
paste into selection



Back to your squares
Selections –> Modify –>Expand 5
Highlight the flower mist –> paste into selection
Continue until all 6 squares are filled
Manually change colour to suit your tag



Highlight the mask layer
Copy the flower tile layer & paste as a new layer
New Mask Layer –> From Image
Choose BD Mask Set 7-64 from the drop down menu
Layer palette –> Merge group
Duplicate –> Merge down
Layer palette –> Change your blend mode
I set mine to Saturation



Highlight the top layer
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer
Add a drop shadow
I used 0, 0, 100, 12, black


New raster layer
I used a sparkle tube to make it look like she was catching stars
Alternatively you can add sparkles from a kit



If you want to resize do so now


Add your copyright, license, watermark & save.

Thanks for trying my tuts!

I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

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Our kids left home, so we did too! My partner and I are currently working our way around Australia. We have been on the road for over 2 years now and love EVERY minute of it. I am a passionate amateur photographer. I wish one day to sell some of my work but I feel I still have a long way to go. It gives me something to aim for anyway :D
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