Miss Magnolia



Tube of choice:
I am using Sweet Magnolia Fae by Elaina Wagner
Her tubes are available for purchase at Artistic Dreams Imaging

VM Stylize Zoom Blur
Eye Candy 4000 –> Gradient Glow


New canvas 800 x 600


Copy & paste your tube
Resize if needed
Move to the right hand side of the canvas
VM Stylize Zoom Blur
Mine has been imported into Filters Unlimited
so may differ from yours
Amount –>16, Adjust –>160




Duplicate –> Image –> Mirror
Merge down –> Resize 90%



Eye Candy 4000 –> Gradient Glow
BASIC tab:
Glow Width –> 20, Soft Corners –> 25
Opacity –> 100, draw outside  selection UNTICKED
Fat, Opacity –> 99
Change the 2nd colour to a bright colour from your tube
I used: Green #84C119




Texture Effects –> Mosaic Antique
Columns & Rows –> 50
(symmetric checked)
70, 2, 50



Copy & paste your tube as a new layer
Resize if needed
Nik Colour Effects 3 –> Bi-Colour Filters
Colour Set –> Brown 1
You will need to play with this to suit your tag

Alternatively, for those without the Nik filters

Duplicate your tube
On the top tube layer

Layer palette –> Overlay
Set the opacity to 70%
Merge down



Add a drop shadow to your tube
I used 0, 0, 65, 9 Black
Add drop shadow again but change the blur to 12



Resize 80%
add your copyright, license, watermark & save as .png!

I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

About Shelli

Our kids left home, so we did too! My partner and I are currently working our way around Australia. We have been on the road for over 2 years now and love EVERY minute of it. I am a passionate amateur photographer. I wish one day to sell some of my work but I feel I still have a long way to go. It gives me something to aim for anyway :D
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