Humming The Blues


Norma-Humming The Blues-NJB


Tube of choice:
I am using Yes You Hummer by Norma J.Burnell
Her artwork is available to buy at Artistic Dreams Imaging

Photo of choice:
I am using one from Free Images formerly Stock Exchange

Filters Used:
VM Toolbox –> Print Screen
Xero XL –> Porcelain –> Here

Brushes used:
Brushes for sharing001 @-block4 from Trese Psp Tags

New canvas 800 x 600
Open all your supplies in psp


Pick a light & dark or 2 contrasting colours from your tube
I am using Blue #74AFE7 &  Green #769C50
Make a linear gradient –> angle 45, no repeats
Fill with gradient


Reflection Effects –> Rotating Mirror
Default Settings –> Repeat
Edge Effects –> Enhance



New raster layer
Fill with your gradient but change the repeat to 2
VM Toolbox – Print Screen
14, 255, 255, 72
Lower opacity to 50% & set blend mode to Soft Light



Geometric Effects –> Skew
Horizontal & Wrap ticked
Angle –45
Image Effects –> Seamless tiling
Default settings



Preset shape –> rectangle
Foreground colour white –> Line width 3
Transparent Background
View –> rulers
Draw out a rectangle approximately 600 x 400 pixels
Objects –> Align –> Centre in Canvas
Hold down your Ctrl button
Grab the top right corner & drag it about halfway down towards the bottom corner
Convert to raster –> Add a drop shadow





Magic wand –> click inside rectangle
New raster –> drag below rectangle layer
Open & copy your photo –> paste into selection
Set the blend mode in your layer palette to Luminance (legacy)
or one that suits your tag
Selections –> none



New raster layer
Set your background colour to white
Brush size 400
Place brush to the bottom right of the rectangle
See my tag for reference
Duplicate –> Image flip
Merge down



Magic wand –> click inside rectangle

Highlight the brush layer



Highlight the VM print screen layer
Select none
Merge with background layer



New raster layer
Fill with white
Place this layer above your photo
Set the blend mode to Overlay at 50%



Highlight the top layer
Copy & paste your tube
Xero –> Porcelain
100, 40, 0, 0, 100, 0, 5, 35



Duplicate the tube
on the original
Blur –> Gaussian –> 5



Image –> Add borders
White –> 1 Pixel –> Symmetric

Image –> Add borders
Dark colour (blue) –> 12 Pixel –> Symmetric

Image –> Add borders
White –> 1 Pixel –> Symmetric



Select all –> contract 14
Selections –> Invert
3D Effects –> Chisel
20, Transparent
Colour –> a light matching colour from your tube
I used #D9F2AB
Select none’



Image –> resize –> 75%
Add your copyright, license & watermark
Your tag is now ready to save.


I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

About Shelli

Our kids left home, so we did too! My partner and I are currently working our way around Australia. We have been on the road for over 2 years now and love EVERY minute of it. I am a passionate amateur photographer. I wish one day to sell some of my work but I feel I still have a long way to go. It gives me something to aim for anyway :D
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2 Responses to Humming The Blues

  1. Deb Machado says:

    Shelli this is too pretty not to try.   ♥