Fairy Lightly–Natacha Chohra


Natacha-Fairy Lightly-NC

Just a very simple tut today with only 6 steps to completion!

Tube of choice:
I am using
Can I Tell You A Secret by Natacha Chohra
Her tubes are available for purchase at Artistic Dreams Imaging

Simple –> Blintz & Pizza Slice Mirror

New canvas 600 x 500
Fill with white


Copy & Paste your tube as a new layer
Adjust –> Blur –> Radial Blur
Spin, 45, 0, 0, 0 Elliptical Ticked


(If you have an earlier version of psp use Motion Blur 100% and Distortion Effects –> Twirl 720 degrees, followed by Soften More –>  The effects are similar but will vary)                                       



Layer Palette –> Duplicate
Image Flip –> Mirror
Merge down



Reflection Effects –>  Rotating Mirror
-41, –33, Rotation Angle 246, Wrap ticked


Simple –> Blintz –> Apply twice

Layer Palette –> Duplicate
Image –> Flip –> Merge Down

Simple –> Pizza Slice Mirror –> Apply twice



Duplicate –> Layer Palette
Set the blend mode to overlay



Copy & Paste your tube as a new layer
Add an elements you want to use from a kit
Add your Copyright, License & watermark.
Your tag is now ready to save.


Thanks for trying my tut.
I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

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