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Chasity-Fairy D-Luxe-FT-Avatar-CIJ

Chasity-Fairy D-Luxe-FT-CIJ


Tube of choice:
I am using
Peacock Blue Fairy by Chasity I.James
Her images are available to buy at Artistic Dreams Imaging

Carolaine & Sensibility (CS Filter)
AAA Frames
Both can be found at


New image 650 x 250


Make a linear gradient
Angle & Repeats 0, Invert unticked
Background a dark colour from your tube
Foreground a light colour from your tube
I used Dark #034277 & Light #5CCDE5



Fill your background with your light colour
Deform tool
Hold your shift button & grab the top left corner
Drag across almost to the right hand side of the screen
(it won’t let you go right to the corner)
Name this layer: “Top”

Fairy D-Luxe 1



Grab your move tool and drag down and to the left slightly

Add a drop shadow
I used 0, 0, 100, 9, Black
Duplicate –> Image –> Flip
Layer Palette –> Arrange –> Send to bottom
Name this layer: “Bottom”

Fairy D-Luxe2



New raster
Fill with your gradient
Carolaine & Sensibility –> CS-HLines
35, 0, 10
Arrange –> Send to bottom

This is what you should have now:





Duplicate “Top”
Image effects –> Seamless tiling –> Default settings
Layer Palette –> Blend Mode –> Soft Light



Highlight “Top” again
Texture effects blinds
15, 100, #034277 (your dark colour)
Horizontal & Light from top both ticked
Image effects –> Seamless tiling –> Default settings



Highlight your top layer
View –> Ruler
Selection tool –> Rectangle
Start about 10 pixels from the corner
Stop at 200 pixels across
And 230 pixels down

Fairy D-Luxe3




New Raster –> Fill with your gradient
Keep Selected
AAA Frames –> Foto Frame
Default settings but change your width to 30
(Or one you like)
Keep selected



Selections –> Modify –> Contract 30
(or whatever width you used for your frame)
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer –> resize if needed
Selections invert –> delete –> Selections –> none
Layer palette –> blend mode on tube to Soft Light
or one that suits your tag
Add drop shadow to the frame layer



Highlight your top layer
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer
Image –> Mirror
Add a drop shadow
Window –> Duplicate
Minimise the duplicate image (this is for your avatar)



Image add border –>1 pixel –> your dark colour
Image add border –>1 pixel –> your light colour
Image add border –>10 pixel –> your dark colour
Image add border –>1 pixel –> your light colour



Selections –> Modify –> Contract 12
Selections –> Invert
Drop shadow –> same settings used earlier
Drop shadow again



Add your copyright,license, watermark and save



Open the duplicate
Highlight the layer with the frame
Crop tool –> Layer Opaque

Fairy D-Luxe4



Add your Copyright, License, & save as png


I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

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