Distorted Daughter


IanD--ID-Distorted Daughter


Tube of choice
I am using Daughter of Skulls by Ian Daniels
His tubes are available at Artistic Dreams Imaging

VM Stylize –> Zoom Blur
Eye Candy 5 –> Impact
Eye Candy 4000

Open your tube & minimise
New canvas 800 x 600 (we will resize later)


Preset shape rectangle
Foreground a dark colour from your tube
I am using #061215
Background null/transparent
Line width 5



Draw out a rectangle approximately 1/2 the size of your canvas
Convert to raster
Hold down  your CTRL & using the Raster Deform Tool
drag the inside corner down:





Name this layer R1
Duplicate –> Image –> Mirror
Name this layer R2



Magic Wand –> Click inside R1
Highlight the bottom layer
New raster layer
Copy your tube & paste into selection



VM Stylize –> Zoom Blur –> 39, 60

Effects –> Image Effects –> Seamless Tiling
Factory Defaults



Effects –> Reflection Effects –> Kaleidoscope
Left Side: 0, 0, 45, 70
Right Side: 2, 3, 30
Reflect ticked
Selections –> None



Duplicate –> Image –> Mirror
Adjust –> Softness –> Soft Focus
Factory Defaults
Layer Palette –> set the Blend Mode to Screen



Highlight the background layer
New raster layer
Fill with a gradient using 2 contrasting colours from your tube
I used: #530e2e & #001325



Distortion Effects –> Pixelate –> 60 –> Symmetric checked
Edge Effects –> Enhance More
Selections none



Copy & paste your tube
Resize if needed
Add a drop shadow of choice



Highlight layer R1
Click inside with your magic wand
Selections –> modify –> expand –> 2
Selections –> Invert
Highlight your tube
Use  the eraser tool to remove any parts you don’t want outside the frame Selections none

Name this layer T1



Duplicate –> Mirror
Name this layer T2
Highlight layer R2
Click inside with your magic wand
Selections –> modify –> expand –> 2
New raster –> Fill with a pale colour from your tube
I used: #dcc491

Eye Candy 5 –> Impact
Brushed Metal –> Factory Defaults



Highlight T2 –> Layer Palette

Duplicate T2
Eye Candy 5 –> Impact
Brushed Metal
Factory Default –> Change direction to 323

Eye Candy 4000 –> Jiggle
Settings –> Broken Into Bits
Layer Palette –> Move Down
Set the blend layer for the top T2 layer to Overlay




Highlight T1
Duplicate & set the blend mode to Dodge
Lower Opacity to 50%



Magic Wand –> Click inside R1
Eye Candy 5 –> Impact
Jiggle –> Factory Defaults

Magic Wand –> Click inside R2
Eye Candy 5 –> Impact
Jiggle –> Factory Defaults



I resized mine to 80%

Add your Copyright, License, Watermark & save!

Thanks for trying my tut Open-mouthed smile
I love seeing your results, so if you would like to share with me
you can post them

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